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Hard Pledge


They are unlocked at level 45, and accessible through the Undaunted Enclave at the player's Alliance Capital. These special assignments allow the player to continue the quests from Hard Pledge regular dungeons, expanding and bringing them to an ultimate conclusion.

You must first take the quest: Taking the Undaunted Pledge.

Taking this pledge will help...

Pledges have undergone some major changes with the release of the One Tamriel update. In the past, there were 2 Daily quests: Now there are 3 Hard Pledge quests, and these can be run at any difficulty.

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Running them on Normal rewards 1 Pledge Key. This means players can potentially acquire 6 Keys a day, if they run each Pledge on Veteran and get the Challenge. These hard mode bosses also reward "Hard Pledge" collectible Undaunted bust of that boss for furnishing your home.

There are now 3 NPCs that give these quests Hard Pledge of 2.

They will give players a quest from the following pools and players can use their Pledge Keys to open one of 3 chests, granting a shoulder piece as well as other loot from that pool. I took the level Hard Pledge undaunted pledge. Maj told me to do the Wayrest sewers.

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Am I supposed to be doing this solo or in group mode? If you get a shoulder piece Keep your keys until veteran level!

Items scale per level, so there is no point in getting any valuable item pre veteran level. Should you save your keys until you reach a veteran level Hard Pledge opening your first chest or should you open the chest at level 45?

I noticed that there is a note posted nearby the chests that tells you what drops from each one.

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Just for clarification, when you use a key does it drop the shoulder that would "Hard Pledge" found in the dungeon that was just completed? Or does it drop any shoulder from the pool that is available from that chest?

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